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A creative engineering firm, providing solutions and building relationships.


Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. specializes in the design of post-frame buildings for commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects. These design services include detailing of the foundation, post, roof systems, wall systems, and other structural members. Our goal is to provide you with the most economical design that will support the snow, wind, and other loads applied to the building.




To complement our engineering work,

Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. offers a complete 2D and 3D computer aided drafting service. Our experienced drafters are also available to do custom drafting for clients who provide their own designs and layouts.



Our engineering services include the structural
design of building components and complete
building systems. We also specialize in the design
of manufactured wood products such as
glued-laminated beams and arches, heavy
timber framing systems, and "mortise and
tenon" timber frames. We also offer structural
design of foundation systems, roof systems,
concrete, masonry, and steel construction.



Site inspections are needed for construction verification or for failure investigation.   The engineers and technicians at Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. are able to assist you by providing site inspection services for a variety of building types and structural situations.



Our agricultural engineering services include the design of livestock confinement housing, farmstead planning, manure handling systems, stormwater management, erosion & sediment control plans, and ventilation and mechanical design. A growing farm business requires planning for each phase of business growth including facility expansion. Now more than ever, agricultural systems must be designed to maximize production while minimizing cost.



Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. provides
review of building plans to meet a number of
different building codes such as the International Building Code, International Residential Code, Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC), and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). We will provide a review of your existing or new facility for compliance with these and other Local, State, or Federal codes.

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