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Our projects have taken us all around the country and occasionally outside the U.S. We currently have 37 different state licenses in house. Other state certifications are available upon request. Our team of engineers and drafters work hard to make sure your project is a success. Click on the links below for more projects.
Post-Frame (pole buildings)

Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. specializes in the design of post-frame buildings for commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses. These design services include detailing of the foundation, post, roof systems, wall systems, and other structural members. Our goal is to provide you with the most economical design that will support the snow, wind, and other loads applied to the building.

Heavy Timber

Timber framing can provide a functional yet aesthetically pleasing building for commercial, residential, or agricultural projects. Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. specializes in the design of manufactured wood products used in many heavy timber framing projects such as glue-laminated beams and arches, and "mortise and tenon" timber frames. We can also provide foundation and roofing systems design to go along with your timber framed structure.

Technical Service Provider (TSP)

As a Technical Service Provider (TSP), Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. has the technical expertise in conservation planning and design for a variety of conservation activities. TSP's are hired by farmers, ranchers, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, or public agencies to provide these services on behalf of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Each certified TSP is listed on the NRCS TSP online registry, TechReg. The TSP registration and approval process involves required training and verification of essential education, knowledge, skills and abilities. These services can include, but not limited to the design of livestock confinement housing, farmstead planning, manure handling systems, stormwater management, erosion and sediment control plans, and ventilation and mechanical design. 

IBC Code Compliance

​​Timber Tech Engineering, Inc. provides review of building plans to meet a number ofdifferent building codes such as the International Building Code, International Residential Code, Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC), and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). We will provide a review of your existing or new facility for compliance with these and other Local, State, or Federal codes.

Specialty Structures -
Tension Fabric, Gazebo, Pavilion, Log Cabin, etc...

We have enjoyed learning to design and detail many unique wood, steel, and concrete specialty structures. In the link below, you will see project photos for gazebos and pavilions, conservatories and sunrooms, tension fabric buildings, precast concrete products, and more.

3D Drafting & Rendering -
Models, Elevations, Material Textures, ect...


Our skilled drafters will work with you to provide you with 3D Drawing and Rendering services to show off your building project with three dimensional views. A home concept, garage, barn, commercial, or other structure, we can give you a complete visualization of the finished product. With roofing materials, sidings, veneer, paints and stains, we can bring your project to life with a 3D render of any structure.


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